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Embark on a psychedelic journey with an experienced and compassionate trip sitter that can ensure a safe and therapeutic environment for you. The psychedelic trip is a perfect opportunity to explore your inner world.

Embarking is based in Stockholm. We provide:

  • Psychedelic integration therapy

  • A commited experienced sitter that will tailor the journey towards your specific needs

  • Support of your specific intention(s) for healing and growth

  • Staying with you for the entire experience

  • Creating an optimal set and setting for your individual experience

  • Quality of life therapy and motivational interviewing

  • Setting your intentions before the trip, preparing for the experience

  • A pre-session meeting for talking through intentions and expectations

  • A post-session meeting for integrating the experience into your life going forward

  • A ceremonial sense to the journey

  • A scientifically validated method for overcoming issues related to well-being

  • Personal experience with various psychedelics

  • Working with psychedelic therapy playlists used in scientific psilocybin therapy studies, or with your own music playlist, or creating one together, if you so desire

NOTE: WE DO NOT Provide any illegal substances - this service is meant to promote healing, personal growth, mental health, and harm reduction


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